Due to increasing digitalization the exchange of data is now trivial. This has lead our society to a point where we exchange almost everything in a digital way – even things that probably never were meant to be exchanged as a series of 1’s and 0’s (Just think about personal feelings as short messages).
But is simplicity and speed everything in the communication process? Or do we lose some important aspects on the other side?
For »Bottleneck« we artificially downgrade the communication channel to exchange image data in a lossy acoustic method. Our lo-fi environment causes the journey to have a unique impact on the data as it makes its way to the destination. This impact manifests in the form of visual glitches. This accidental loss of information is not explicitly disadvantageous. Quite the contrary, it adds value to what began as rather uninteresting images as we use pictures of the exhibition space itself.
We cannot know exactly what will happen and the results are irreproducible. For us as digital natives this feels like putting a »message in a bottle« in the ocean. With this we bring an old philosophy back to a new age: »The journey is the reward.«
Originally the artworks were created for an exhibition in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. But of course the process is reproduceible for exhibitions in any place of the world.
Curators Benjamin Appel . Dr. Thomas Elsen . Carolina Pérez Pallares

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