The »Folkets Hus«, located within the city center, at the Ciciognon Square in Trondheim, has a double layered glass front spreading over approximately 1.300 m2. The task was to provide this with an technical artwork that ideally is capable of using the space between the glass front and the old facade.
»Recording Trondheim« is a concept for a digital, reactive installation, which reflects the life inside the building and city, within its own glass facade.
Therefore the building reacts not only to lively, but also to quiet situations – it becomes the perfectly matching pulsating heart of its close-by surroundings.
The city’s soundscape can be regarded as a »pulse beat«, emerging from various sounds that spread and blend with one another. It is exactly this soundscape that we want to visualize.
Various sound sources within the city and inside the building serve as the »pulse monitor«. People may even make use of the installation’s »interactive channel« and transmit their own noises to the facade.
Three precisely controllable streaks of light stretch across the facade horizontally. A transmitted sound source is visualized by pulsating light flowing through one of the streaks. The waves of light start out running alongside one-another, then eventually they overlap more and more. The waves’ forms resemble the irregularity of the facade’s grid and remind one of a capstan. There are also visual elements from the course of the nearby river and rolling hills to be found.
Created for Arbeidernes Økonomiske Fellesorganisasjon

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