How can the world become a better place for all of us? Everything revolved around this question in the »Future Bubbles« in the Apparatehaus at the Modular Festival in Augsburg.
The Augsburg Technical University of Applied Sciences (THA) curated the »Modular forever« area in cooperation with its founding forge Funkenwerk and LAB BINÆR – laboratory for media art. Over three days, it showed over 33,000 festival visitors how research and teaching as well as innovations from KUKA and MAN Energy Solutions contribute to making the world a little bit better.
Integrated in a scenography of plants, scaffolding, glowing balloon clouds and typography, the festival visitors were inspired to enter into an exchange with students and teachers: the areas of sustainability, mobility, innovation, education, founding and culture were discussed on 900 square meters of exhibition space.
In the chill-out area, visitors could then share their thoughts on certain topics of the future at two »Prompt Vision Terminals« and have them visualized by text-image AI (Stable Diffusion). The collected visions were then handed over to the faculties of the university to inspire their future research – thus closing the circle.

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