»Kopfkarussell« is an alternative Meetup concept: Instead of soporific frontal lectures, it relies on direct conversations between the participants. Regardless of whether we deliberately invited them to the topic of the evening or are present voluntarily.
Each of the curated experts brings three pictures that deal with an aspect of the current topic that is particularly important to them. The images are projected in random order for a certain amount of time, briefly explained and discussed directly in the audience. When the time is up, it moves relentlessly to the next picture.
This is how we stimulate heated discussions, provoke unexpected turns and make it possible to make special perspectives visible.
»Kopfkarussell« deals with a different topic each time, which we choose in advance depending on the current mood. It is important to us that it offers as many interfaces as possible with different creative disciplines. Previous topics were »Die Stadt als Interface«, »Im Spielmodus« and »Feler als System«.
Developed in cooperation with​​​​​​​ Wolfgang Huther and Franziska Kühbandner.
Supported by Import Export with their lovely venue in Munich.
Supported with perspectives so far by Martin Nothhelfer, Martin Gerstenberger, Mathis Nitschke, Andreas Muxel, Felix Weinold, Michael Kühbandner, Kat Petroschkat, Nicole Schneiderbauer, Benjamin Ali, Simon Höferlin, Larissa Lawor, George Danzer, Pat Haas, Florian Scheitler, Clemens Hochreiter, Kathrin von Steinburg, Christian Schiffer, Rolf Lakämper, Michael Fakesch, Marco Teubner, Lena Fischer, Corinna Gartner, Florian Moch.

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