At 31 May this Year the “Blaue Nacht” in Nuremberg took place for the ninth time. Thanks to the famous weather more than 130.000 people were crossing the streets of the Old Town, which turned out to be an “island” for art and culture. The project “Lüsterloh” was especially created for the inner courtyard of the “Pellerhaus”, an Renaissance house of the 17th century. With this project we already could convince this years festival-jury at an early time.
A location like the “Pellerhof” experiences the different eras and its incidences without any comment. People, furniture and use are changing, but himself remains constant despite its demolition in the Second World War. If you are watching “Lüsterloh”, you maybe can feel this process. A huge candleholder out of numerous light emitting diodes, which is steadily changing its form and color mechanical and electrical, is illuminating this silent place. The visitor leaves the hectic crowd and enters a special world. Lights and shadows are changing in time lapse but everything still remains equal. You are leaving the space as you arrived. Almost.
Created for The Ministry of Culture, Nuremberg

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