The first MODULAR 2009 was a huge success. The logical consequence was its sequel in 2010! Same goes for our contribution. However we moved this year’s concept – a public, generative video-sculpture – from the festival’s headquarters to the very center of Augsburg, its town hall square. The installation attracted the attention of passers-by for a period of two weeks time.
After last year’s interactive concept, the audience was let off this time, and allowed to lean back and enjoy. 21 stackable, outdated TV sets were on display, arranged in a glass container. Little by little, the TVs began to spring to life and reveal information about the festival?s opening in two weeks.
At first there was merely noise to be seen, which lead to some confusion, but then information filled the screens and increased day by day, advertising the festival’s program. The visuals showed a countdown, dates, locations and artists. »LAFKON’s« passionately animated festival-trailer set the right mood and the sponsors even had their own »broadcasting station«. With the festival’s opening an ongoing bombardment of over 80 event notes started, mixed with various live-transmissions.
In order to do this we installed cameras in carefully selected areas, in cooperation with »EXPERT Security«. These transmitted live video-streams from the venue, providing watchers at the town hall square with mood samples and therefore completing the installation.

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