In contrast to the common touch screens, Nebula invites you to push and stretch and get your hands deep in it.
In our first application we offer you the opportunity to explore five precomposed soundscapes by pushing into the constellations on screen. Depending on the constellation that you probe, the soundscape changes, revealing the inner song of each of the galaxies. The deeper you go the more clear the signal becomes.
At the same time, your actions affect the visuals with a riot of color and movement onscreen as connections form and die.
The visual style is meant to evoke a sense of astronomical symbolism. The spiral, the galaxy and the dust of space are represented in a simple, colorful style. The colour palette and the overall shape is inspired by deep space photography of astral formations such as the »Crab Nebula«.
Similarly, the soundscapes are meant to capture the sense of awe staring at the night sky, spotting the signals beamed from satellites racing around our planet, and figuring out the tumultuous chaos of creation and destruction in our universe.
Created for Philip Morris GmbH

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