The exhibition in the »Innovationszentrum Oberhausen« focusses on four core issues, which have a continuous and significant presence in today's society.
» Smart energy conservation
» Eco balance: Well built
» Demographic change: Reset
» Surfing on light waves
Naturally the choice of topics is no coincidence. In the past Oberhausen has made itself a name in each of these areas, that surpasses the municipal boundaries.
The exhibition starts of with a general overview over the challenges of the respective subject areas. Next a few possible solutions are presented, only to finally reveal the community's own unique way of handling things.
Of course the exhibition in the »Innovationszentrum« would hardly be credible if it weren't innovative itself. As soon as a group of visitors enters the exhibition room, the people realize that there is already a welcoming committee expecting them. Four Oberhausen residents are patiently waiting in their monitor steles, until a custom made speech recognition software signalizes that the guides could use some assistance. Immediately the »experts«, who are directly involved with the respective subject, spring into action and tell their side of the story.

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