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The mass media penetrate us day in and out with news from all around the world. Over the years we got used to this flood of information and the editors come up with ever more sensational news to catch our attention. But do we really have to know all this? Our work is about the increasing role death plays in the daily news and the over-stimulation coming with it. We want to show the resulting desensitisation.
From all the news items published throughout the world minute by minute, the light sculpture "Death Calls the Tune" selects those that are about doom and misery on our planet. Being driven by a micro-controller, the pick-up of the remodelled record player "burns" the headlines into the steadily rotating light-sensitive disc.
However, the brightly glowing headlines soon fade just as quickly as in our memory. Due to the incredible flood of shocking news, though, there will be no break. Accordingly, the light arm writes headline after headline and one which caught our eye a few seconds ago is immediately overwritten and does not matter any longer.

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