Additional to the release of the 5th major update of our Ferchau Job App, we had the unique opportunity to use a mix of traditional animation and code to create an attendant launch trailer.
The goal of this trailer was to demonstrate the features of the app in an informative and technoid way.
The Job app works by simplifying the numerous job offers of Germanys biggest engineering provider by allowing you to filter and pare away jobs that: don’t interest you, that are too far away, or that you’re over/under-qualified for. In order to show this aspect, we designed the imagery of a tree, or branching structure that shows the opportunities available and how order is brought from the supposed data chaos.
We wanted to get close to the actual data of the jobs available, but the challenge of creating an animation over tens of thousands of individual elements is incredibly daunting by hand, so we decided to use a splash of code to accomplish this. Writing a program we were able to generate animated trees in a variety of configurations – and by the way we automatically got a very technical style.
Developed in cooperation with Anfema GmbH

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