Justitia, the personification of the judiciary, is mostly shown as a female figure with covered eyes, holding a balanced scale in one hand. This representation is meant to visually symbolize a neutral judgement free from passion. In contrast to this Latin illustration, in modern times the scales are sometimes shown in a diagonal, unbalanced position in order to to accommodate the penologic principle »in dubio pro reo«, “when in doubt, for the accused”. In some others the goddess of legal peace also carries an olive branch, to represent the goal to be reached by the adjustment of the scales of justice.
The kinetic installation »All that is right« confronts its viewer with the difficulty and complexity of contemporary jurisdiction. The piece consists of 1.750 differently angled glass levels mounted into a massive metal disc. The disk slowly rotates, and occasionally changes direction randomly.
The sculpture can be explored from different points of view due to its positioning in the staircase of the county court in Günzburg. It looks like a green pattern on white from afar and appears as individual units that invite you to observe the process of the geometrical leveling if you come closer.
Thereby the visitor will realize that the levels are not in horizontal alignment in most instances and maybe ask themselves the question: Is it possible at all to do justice to all the different stories, concerns and views on our planet?
This artwork visualizes the extremely difficult job of the judiciary to respond to every human individually, to balance the different interests and to guarantee the equation in our society. The artwork ultimately can not answer who is right but it hopefully can help visitors to reflect about the complexity of that question.
Developed in cooperation with with Felix Weinold

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