Based on one of the most famous expressionist poems, »End of the World« by Jakob van Hoddis (1887-1942), which was first published in 1911, we developed a large-format projection for the facade of the Schaezlerpalais, which can be seen from the beautiful rococo garden of the »Kunstsammlungen«.
The poem, which seems surprisingly current a hundred years after its creation, serves as an associative surface for an audiovisual experience that was specially conceived and produced. The classical ideas about the four elements as well as associative processes of creation and destruction were translated into a surprising image language.
For the production, analogue models of the facade were made, which were »filled« with real objects, manipulated from the outside and filmed in the process. Digital tools were only used for editing and post-production. The implementation is therefore a fusion of classic analog and current digital technologies. This unconventional approach resulted in visuals inspired on digital particle and fluid systems with a much warmer texture and appearance, which seem to defy the laws of gravity from time to time.
Developed in cooperation with Felix Weinold
The projection was shown as part of the Light Nights Augsburg 2023.
Prologue: Klaus Müller, Staatstheater Augsburg
Music: Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns (GEMA-free)

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