The MODULAR festival is a cultural event for the youth of Augsburg with over 60 different performances at 24 different places in the city. The concept of the festival is that every active module in town does its part. The “Stadtjugendring” in return is supporting them by organizing a place and the needed infrastructure.
We designed a special video projection for the headquarter of this event. The visitors are, corresponding to the concept of the festival, invited to be a part of this projection. When they blow into one of the colums we positioned in front of the building, bubbles are beginning to grow at the end of the glowing hose. The created bubbles then find their way across the historic front.
Because we did not want to integrate the sponsors of the festival in the annoying common way, we produced three films for the three main sponsors. This motion pictures show the main fields of the sponsors activities in an absract way and enrich the projection periodically.
Thank you for the wonderful music to our video by Melodium

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