The original – the displayed pictures are part of a series that focusses on terms’ change in meaning.
Over time many words no longer describe an element from our environment, but have become a word mark with a commercial relevance. What some may merely know as a present day status symbol, others may recognize as an endangered species (i.e. Jaguar).
We analyze this evolution by focussing on exemplary terms. A software collects the first 55 »Google« image search results for each term and then generates a new averaged picture.
Although everything is purely digital and consists of pixels, at first glance the result reminds one of heavy oil paintings. Despite the blurriness, one can often immediately recognize whether an image represents the original meaning or a brand alienation. Other times the layers are mixed to such an extent that it takes a second look to make out the interesting and controversial complexity created by natural elements and marketing details.
The resulting absurd hidden object pictures document terms’ brand penetration.
Each picture’s production process is recorded in the lower image border through the intermediate results of the software computation and the original »Google« search results.

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