The Sortimo International GmbH from Zusmarshausen is the leading company in loading space concepts. We developed an interactive installation for their stand, which approaches the main theme of the company to the visitors in a playful way.
Based on a conception from the beginnings of computer gaming the visitor has to use the available space in an ideal way by stepping onto the sensitive areas on the floor to position the accidentally down falling products of Sortimo. By doing the most lines without gaps and surviving as long as possible the player can crack the highscore.
The installation is perfectly designed for its use on an exhibition: A specified storyboard causes different animations if no visitor is playing the game to advert to the installation and the company. The complexity factor of the game grows continuously, so that the maximal dwell time of circa seven minutes allows a lot of visitors to participate. Because of the personalisation in the ranking every visitor gives his best to be on top.
In the field of technics we trust in our still developed mats, which we also used in the “Time Travel Puppenkiste” project. They are now in use for more than half a year without causing trouble.
The hardware consists of seamless flatscreens which are especially developed for the adoption at the point of sale and one out of our specific configured multimedia computers.

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