On the basis of location-based data we have developed an interface due to which it is possible to use the digital globe, which has enjoyed great popularity since Google Earth, in quite a simple way – by using your hand.
Sensisphere combines the advantages of digital contents with those of an analogous manipulation. The three-dimensional projection screen in the form of a hemisphere contributes to the fact that the earth does not need to squeeze into a flat screen any more in order to show its variety of information.
The technique of “Electric Field Sensing” (EFS) used is applicable to many surfaces and gives your fancy full scope. In order to make this clear, we have not only created new topologies for the globe but also further contents which give you an idea of the many installations possible.
Used as a jukebox, sensisphere attaches great importance to the design of a CD and thus completes acoustic stimuli by visual ones. Another real-time application shows that information graphics can be more than just a simple string of lines.
The project was the diploma thesis of a multimedia course at the University of Applied Sciences AugsburgDepartement of Design.

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