The monastery museum at Schussenried explains the procedures of the Upper Swabian monastery state, by presenting itself as a perfect example. Lab binaer was responsible for the concept and implementation of the media exhibits for the new permanent exhibition, located on the monastery’s upper floor.
An interactive picture lets the visitors experience the monastery’s various architectural alterations, reaching back all the way to the 12th century. By moving a small frame along a time line underneath a projection, one is able to view an image of the hereby currently selected event. This gives one an insight into the changes the monastery and people went through.
Right next door, three circularly arranged monitors show a lovingly done animation, illustrating the relationship between rights and duties within the monastery state. Those who have chosen to use an audio guide will be let in on further details by a speaker at this point. The audio track automatically synchronises itself and can be experienced by several visitors at the same time.
A touch screen in one of the museum’s vestibules lets the visitors inform themselves about further possible excursions within close vicinity. Various pictures and videos of the regional tourist attractions help one plan the next getaway.
Thank you for the wonderful music to our video by pixelrock.

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