According to Greek mythology Ariadne's thread was a present from princess Ariadne, King Minos' daughter, to Theseus.
Using the thread Theseus navigated the labyrinth, which was inhabited by the Minotaur. After Theseus had slain the Minotaur he was able to find his way back out of the labyrinth again by following the thread. The hint to use the thread was given by Daedalus, who in turn had designed the labyrinth.
Today, this method is still used for exploring caves, especially when it comes to cave diving. Safety lines utilized by firemen in case they have to retreat are also based on this principle. (
To visitors the martini park may also appear like a labyrinth: historic mansions and production facilities, which are being used by various companies now located on the former textile-site, are making it difficult to directly access the Augsburger theater's new venue.
In order to accurately guide the guests through the site and to set the mood for a special night, a brightly shining Ariadne thread was designed, which connects both portals at the main entrance with those of the theater's foyer.
The sensor controlled light thread stretches over two »arches«, which are inspired by the look of a spindle. Therefor the project also reminds one of the time when the martini park served as a location for textile industry.
Developed in cooperation with Schmid Architekten

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