The “Augsburger Puppenkiste” yearly elates thousands of fans around the world. The theatre is sold out regularly and the museum of the Puppenkiste “die Kiste” enchants a broad audience.
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of this institution, we developed an interactive time travel for a touring exhibition in numerous german cities. The management of the theatre and the museum as well as the City Galerie Augsburg have been involved in the concept and relisation process.
In two oversized boxes, the visitors are invited to explore collages of pictures and sound of the puppetrys several eras from 1948 till today. They become actively involved in the history of the Puppenkiste.
Deliberately using visual and acoustic stimuli, we create a place of relaxation in the bustling shopping centre. An instrumental soundscape supplements the scenic projections and allows the visitor to dive into the imaginary world full of tales and forget the everyday life for a moment.
In addition to the contents, the enourmous stress of the entire technology used at the point of sale is a special challenge. For this reason we developed special mats to detect the proximity of a visitor. Using capacitive measurement they are free of abrasion. Special wide angle projectors create a picture without shadows and guarantee permanent operation.
The exhibit travelled and was shown throughout Germany over the course of 2008-2011.

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