Consisting of six exhibits, »blank« is an experimental sculptural ensemble. The elements occupy the room according different interpretations of the theme:
Blank: shining – bright – purged – clean – empty space. These and other facets pose the impulse and framework of the project that is finally filled by the audience.
»blank« plays on the audience’s associative readiness and openness to concentrate on the barely perceptible, and to come away with their own sensory understanding. »blank« takes time, concentration and attention, yet it rewards one with ciphers, humor and pure eye candy. »blank« consists of a series of single modules that were created over a year for this project.
As one approaches the vertical blinds of the project »Window Shopping«, they immediately shut. The exhibit is meant to frustrate audience anticipation and expectation by censoring the exhibit when a viewer gets too close.
When switched on, »Cursor«’s 40 fluorescent tubes flicker asynchronously, due to technical factors. The constantly varying rhythm is enhanced by the clicking of relays driving the piece.
On one side, the diptych of »Sonthofen« shows a photograph of the NSDAP headquarters, later used as a barracks, where one can see that a mural of the Führer has been painted over with white. Opposite on the raw panel, the color black acts as a mirror for history.
In the video piece »Pas de Deux« a mop robot and a vacuum robot can be seen working in a tiny room, where they continuously interrupt each other in their programmed chores and involuntarily interact. Parallel actors attempting to engage in the same work.
In the installation »Historie« a small monitor on the wall displays the work data of every exhibit ever shown in the marked area next to it.
The sculpture »White Noise« has a record player reading an empty record. And yet one can hear that the sound is continuously changing due to dust and abrasion.
Created for Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus in Augsburg where it was shown first (2013-01-18 to 2013-03-31) 
All exhibits developed in cooperation with Felix Weinold

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