This draft is the continuation of our artistic examination with the difficulty and complexity of contemporary jurisdiction that we startet in 2015 when we designed »All that is right«, the winning concept for the Art in Architecture competition »Amtsgericht Günzburg«.
Instead of the historic metaphor of Justitia with her balanced scale we show a composition of hose water levels with different lengths and shapes. They represent the divers characters and thus the heterogeneity of our society.
Placed in the central staircase, you can view the installation from different positions and distances that offer a variety of formal aspects: When entering the building you only realize a few extensions dazzle from afar. Entering the staircase you get surprised by the whole dimension of the artwork. Viewed from below a yellow-green glowing meshwork ranges niftily over the space like a huge wing. It is not sure if they are ordered according to a certain rule or if they are just hanging around in complete chaos on the first sight. The more stairs you climb, the more you will realize the filling levels and the meaning of the tubes as hose water levels. At a certain point you will realize, that all of them show the same level and build a common horizon line, which is seen best from the top floor of the building.
Formal language and color of the installation result in a discreet but prominent break with the austere and sallow architecture around. The organic rhythms, aggregations and diversifications visualize our open society, which allows everybody to develop its own personality as long as it happens within the common legal framework.
Developed in cooperation with​​​​​​​ Felix Weinold

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