Our long term client Interquell GmbH is a pioneer in terms of manufacturing petfood for over 250 years now with high standards in sustainability and ethics. Core to the brands identity is a deep understanding of the nature and origins of our pets.
For their booth at the Interzoo 2024 trade fair, we developed an eye-catching motion design key visual that tells the story of the evolution of the pets. It includes sections on the hunting ancestors of our pets, the wolf and the miacis, sedentism and domestication, and our modern life with pets as an important part of our families. We also include the process of preparing fresh and organic products for consumption by animals.
The seamlessly looping morph, created using artificial intelligence, is suitable for the continuous evolution process. Stylistically, we found a balance between abstract, painterly scenes and more illustrative ones, which allowed us to accurately convey the brand's values.
To create the animation we used the AnimateDiff extension for the open source text to image AI Stable Diffusion in ComfyUI.
We also built a 3D mockup of the booth and loaded it into a VR headset to give our client a realistic impression of what the space will look like in the end.

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