The online exhibit »Stoff ohne Grenzen« invites you to discover the global history of fabric production and textile trade in the 18th century in a playful way:
The digital discovery is inspired by 2.000 letters slumbering in the archive of the State Textile and Industrial Museum (tim) in Augsburg. They document the global connections and activities of the company Schöppler & Hartmann, one of the largest and most important textile printing companies in Germany at the time, in an impressive way.
However, it brings numerous other protagonists into play, such as the VOC from Amsterdam, Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf from Paris and the rhinoceros baby Clara from Hugli-Chinsura.
The 20 selected stories are told through entertaining videos, audio plays, and slideshows, supported by a three-dimensional stage with collaged settings from historical images and illustrations.
The website is optimized for desktop browsers and implemented in the 3D framework three.js.

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