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Carbon fiber: it’s all about this innovative textile material during the special show »Carbon – fabric of the future« at the State Textile and Industry Museum (tim) in Augsburg. You can explore the fascinating characteristics and fields of application for this material across a 1.000 square metre exhibition space. This interactive exhibition involves about 200 impressive objects from the fields of Automotive, Aerospace, Architecture, Design, Lifestyle, Medical Science and Astronautics. This is the largest exhibition on the topic in Germany so far. We were commissioned to create a digitally animated »Wallpaper« to enrich the exhibition design.
For that job we had to fulfill several goals at once: The thematic cabinets should be given a comprehensive visual identity; In contrast to the other exhibits the visuals should offer an abstract point of view to the subject of carbon and with it offer an aesthetic counterpoint. The dynamics of the projection should be very subtle so the visitors are not distracted from the exhibits themselves. Nevertheless, the exhibition should get a noticeable, futuristic look-and-feel. Furthermore, the video loop should last long enough that visitors don’t sense it repeating, even if they stay for an extended period of time.
The result is a 60 minute loop of black and white motion graphics inspired by numerous aspects from the raw materials and the production process. You will find everything, from two-dimensional organic sequences which remind us of the early stages of weaving and braiding, to symbolic iconography inspired by chemical diagrams, to geometric three-dimensional arrangements evoking the lattice structure of the material.
The technical challenge was to synchronise the ten HD videos without time slippage and to also map the projections into the space without overloading the technical and aesthetic infrastructure. All the clips are hosted centrally and played back via professional AV players that communicate over a network. Luckily for us, we were able to use projectors from the inventory of the museum.
Created for The State Textile and Industry Museum »tim« in Augsburg . Studio Docmac

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