Inside the puppet theater museum »die Kiste«, located in the Spitalgasse in Augsburg, right at the very back, in a dark corner, you come across a mysterious looking cave covered in black thread.
A dim light is emanating through the outer wall. Wait a minute. What’s this? You discover a crack, a little larger than the rest. You slip through the threads into the cave. Inside it is dark. As you look around, you see a scenery of glowing, abstract rocks.
Step by step the environment starts to evolve in front of you. Threads are reaching down from the ceiling, connecting with each other as their numbers increase. They seem to be reacting to your movements. Could this be a mirror image of you? At times the resemblance is hard to deny.
You come across a rope that is dangling from the ceiling. Strange. A voice encourages you to give it a tug. Do you dare? You pull yourself together and reach for it. A countdown begins: 3, 2, 1, FLASH… What was that, the flash of a camera?
The voice returns, informing you that there is a souvenir of your encounter waiting for you at the cave’s exit.

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