»FERCHAU 360« is a virtual reality experience, showcasing an abstract interpretation of the FERCHAU Engineering GmbHs technical departments. Users can dive into the world using a desktop or mobile device and even have the option to use a VR headset.
In line with the mobile revolution one navigates the different »3Dposters« using the »FERCHAU concept car« as an avatar, which was adopted from the company's current automotive campaign. The experience begins in a showroom towering high above a city's rooftops. By accessing »gates« one is then able to teleport to the other departments.
The specially composed retro 80's tunes immediately remind one of Tron, Stranger Things, John Carpenter or Drive. Embarking on a quick adventure while nodding one's head to the beat, one might just forget about that cigarette or coffee break entirely. Yet this is also due to the solely for this purpose created imagery: On the one hand it reminds one of the marketing pictorial world, on the other the visuals take the known to a new level of abstraction. This unique mixture ensures that people don't get the impression of a sales show, while still guaranteeing a high recognition value.
»Pics, or it didn’t happen!« Those who manage to traverse all gates are finally allowed to participate in a special prize lottery, but only if they have a screenshot to prove it.
The software was created with »three.js«. Therefore, when using a current internet browser, all objects and effects are being rendered in real time – something that a few years ago nobody even dreamed of. In order to display the maximum complexity of geometry and applied effects the developers squeezed every last bit of performance out of the JavaScript library.
Sound Design by Michael Fakesch
With this project we continue a longtime, solid collaboration: in 2011 we developed the »FERCHAU AR« app, using the formerly cutting edge technology of Augmented Reality for marketing the biggest German engineering service provider. We continued to push it further over five years.

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