Science and art both require space to breathe and should be allowed to prosper without any outside influences – a common ground we can agree upon.
But do they influence one another in a noteworthy manner, as required by the submission theme? Or is that a statement in order to bask in reflected glory? These questions led to a controversial discussion during our preparations.
Our work creates tension between the two corner points, science and art, leaving the semantic definition up to the user. Via live, online streamed picture (webcam) it is possible to either input one’s association and continue the discussion or to simply give us an answer.
We opted for inputting text on a website to ensure that a wide range of people could participate, i.e. via smartphone or tablet, locally or at the other end of the world.
The two terms »SCIENCE« and »ART« are actively back-lit. The exhibit changes elementally during the alternation of day and night: While the conflict is visible during the day, the user generated hypothesis disappear from sight during the night – leaving the two terms standing alone.
The exhibit is determined to break with the tradition of »Kunst am Bau« (art within construction) projects, which are simply placed alongside. Rather it aims to deal with the context and create a collection of different perspectives on the matter.

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