The “Blaue Nacht” in Nuremberg is a very special urban open air event. They one night long offer you a diversified range of cultural events. One part of the event is the art contest in which we have been successful for the second time in a row this year.
We created a reactive video projection using the “Gutzloch” of the building in Bergstraße 23 at the suggestion of the “Altstadtfreunde Nürnberg” for focusing the attention of the people to the lovingly restored dwelling.
Beginning at dusk we wrote the thesis Nicolaus Copernicus put in front of his famous composition “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” with white paint on the street: “Let no one untrained in geometry enter here”.
The case we made this way became a canvas all over letters for the rest of the night. Once a visitor crested the top floor of the building and put his heat out of the “Gutzloch” enjoying the unique forecast he broke through the thesis projected on the street – without making any calculation.

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